Saturday, October 24, 2009

Do Hard Things...

If you follow me on FaceBook, then you know that I have been posting some serious material.

How long can the church of the United States be flaccid? We are a useless, rotten, maggot infested bunch of wussies.

Do we spend too much time trying to convince those in one denomination that they are wrong and should join another when we ought to be suffering for our faith? Why are we not persecuted for our love of God? Why is our most indignant moment as believers a small post in an online publication about a man losing his job at Home Depot for wearing a pin with a religious sentiment?

Why are those passionate for Christ so few here?

Satan has a stronghold on our government, our schools, our churches, our entertainment, our love of comfort.

And we eat it up, get real fat and cozy and sit on our butts proud of ourselves for having the key to heaven.

I am sick of myself for this...