Monday, December 8, 2014

Power Trippin'

     One day, early in the school year, there was a meeting for the Parent Partnership Program. During this meeting, we learned of any new rules or regulations handed down by the school district or federal government that might impact how we are educating and/or reporting said education. We also heard from the PTA, and various other groups that work in the community in conjunction with our school.
   After hearing about a raffle for a guaranteed parking space (totally coveted by all the parents, and a well funded raffle!), and about the additions to the out door play ground area (benches that convert to tables, and an enormous chess board painted onto the black top with people-sized playing pieces), we heard from the person that co-ordinates an amazing food drop-off for the school.
     I'm a little bit confused about what to call it, in order to respect her position that a particular world for this ministry irks her. I suppose using the word 'ministry' would be irksome to her, as well. She dislikes the word 'gleaning', and prefers to say 'rescuing'.
     So, her message is that no one is actually giving this food to the organization, but rather, she and the organization are going in and liberating this food, then dispersing it. Please, do away with anything that sounds powerless. Don't allow the businesses that are donating the food items to have any power. Strip that power away. Sure, the food would be thrown away if there weren't any organizations picking it up. Someone in each company has to comply with someone's rules, and must file the correct paperwork, complete with required signatures in order to give away the food that they are removing from their shelves. They must co-ordinate with the many organizations that are looking to make use of food that is still edible, but due to industry standards, can not remain on the shelves for retail sale.
     No, let us take the power for ourselves. Let us be glorified and held in high esteem! Let this amazing woman be known as the one that rescues the food! She has POWER! She is IMPORTANT! No one gives her any handouts!
     What's the matter with us, that we are offended by words that infer grace, charity, and humility? I refuse to obey, or defer. I will partner. I will help. Soon, those words will be offensive, too.

     Let's get off the glory train, and quit power trippin'.

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