Monday, April 4, 2011

Anniversay Celebration! (Pt.2)

As promised, part two of the Amazing Anniversary Adventure.

If you know our family, you know that adventure is a regular part of our lives. Why would something go smoothly when it could be memorable, instead?

After we had a nice home cooked breakfast and the snow tires were back on the van, we attempted the pass again. The area where we were previously bogged down was now clear and wet. We still encountered snow further up, but made it to our first 'plan B' destination. We shopped and ate and chatted and held hands walking up and down the cobblestone roads. Without a stroller!

We headed on toward our final destination and checked in to the resort. The room was fantastic. Mostly because it was ONE room with ONE bed. No cribs, no pallets, no cots, no fold out couch. And television! You laugh, but we don't have television at home. We watched the news and American Idol, and flipped through a bunch of unfamiliar shows. And took a nap!

Dinner was great. There was no mac'n' cheese. No PBJ. No pizza. There was Lambchops with Pomegranate Molasses, asparagus, marinated flank steak, and salad with croutons that no one stole!

The next morning, I soaked in the tub with a book. No one pounded on the door shouting their extreme emergency of "He LOOKED at me!" Hubby took a walk on the beach. Later, when I went out on the deck I saw that he had drawn in the sand "I (heart) U!" How freaking romantic is that ?!?!?!

Then, we took another nap. We had a late check out for purchasing the date night package, and we were so tired. Hard to believe, I know. Then there was a pounding at the door. Housekeeping wondered if we would be leaving soon. She knocked 45 minutes early. *sigh*

We did check out and made a beeline for Starbucks. Hubby noticed the building for the local radio station, so he tuned in. We were making our way toward home when we heard that the pass we were headed for was closed due to an avalanche. Another change in plans. Fortunately we had left early. We were planning on stopping in to a couple of places on the way home. Instead, we headed toward another pass, which extended our drive time by a couple of hours.

We stopped at a pub called Pour Me for lunch. I liked the name. If a place has a punny name, I'll probably do business there.

We made it back to our home city to find out that the road home was closed due to flooding.
Double *sigh*.

Fortunately, one set of friends kept a couple of the kiddos one more night, and another set of friends put the rest of us up for the evening. We had a great visit and hung around leisurely the next morning while hubby went out to check on the road.

We finally made it home. We're already in the midst of planning another adventure.

My brother is getting married in another state.

Any bets on smooth sailing?