Monday, November 4, 2013

Paved With Good Intentions

A while back, I started another blog. It was my intention to share more about Jesus, the lessons I learn, and less about kids and motherhood.

I wrote one post. I haven't been able to write another post there, or here, since then. I've been afraid. Have you read the comments on blog posts and articles of just about anyone? People can be vicious!

There is also the inescapable truth that family life and Jesus are intertwined for me right now. They go together, and for this season in my family, they are meant to.

I learn things about Jesus, but in turn, I learn things about how I respond to him. I learn about how my responses to Jesus effect my family.

So, there will be no separate blog, for now.  This one will be a crazy mish-mash of the things I learn that work well, and those that don't. There will be recipes and links to amazing healthy living posts from other blogs. There will be praises to Jesus, and kid stories. And questions. Loads of those. I have a lot to learn!

While my blogging 'career' has been paved with good intentions, I've found that sort of road crumbles easily. And my children are older. And I have a Youngest. That's new and different for us!

There is always transformation going on, someplace, in someone. I hope to see it and share it with you, here.