Sunday, November 21, 2010

Tid Bits

Just a bit or two to get us through!

Evie Joy is eating solid food. Semi solid food? Rice flakes mixed with apple or banana. Mostly she just wants to suck it off of my finger. She isn't so thrilled with the spoon.

I'm longin for a 'pink' day. A day with my girls. I love all of my kiddos. The boys are joys. Hehe.
I just rhymed! But I would love to have some girl time.

Hubby has several days off from work. I am looking forward to this time of of (hopefully) rest.
He took the kiddos sledding today. The three yo calls his brothers "The Guys" and says that he is big now and is of the "The Guys" now too. *sigh*

Marli bug will be with us over Thanksgiving. She'll be spending some time with extended family and be involved in some of our pre-Christmas traditions!

Tid bits. The Little bits that make up The great big picture.

Friday, November 12, 2010

The 'En-En' Game

It's game a couple of the Smallers made up. They must be wearing appropriate Burn-Off Pajamas. These are either footie sleepers, or pajamas with a good clean pair of socks. You know, to make burn-offs on the hard floor more exciting. They hold their hands out in front of them as though on a steering wheel, sliding their feet across the floor saying "en, en, en!" to sound like an engine. They invite one another to "Play En-En".

They made it up. It's all their own.

I am thrilled to know that my children have active imaginations!

Tuesday, November 9, 2010


We had family photos done a few days ago. They came out great despite all of my worrying and stress.

I didn't know I was a worrier. I wasn't aware of how much stress I have about my chilren's safety and cleanliness.

Most folks would call me laid back. Casual. Perhaps even too easy going.

There we were, in this little park near a rushing river and a small hill climb to a major highway. Yes, one of the littlest ones climbed the hill. Yes, a couple of smalls got as near to the rushing river as they could. Of course they played on the ground, splashed through puddles, and stirred up dust that stuck to their pants and shoes.

About 45 minutes into this adventure, I was exhausted. I had chased and instructed and fretted myself into a Grouchy Grump.

When I looked through the pictures the next day, do you know what I saw? Happy kids, playing, enjoying one another. I didn't see dirt. I didn't see every potential for injury.

While I still believe I was right to fuss about the river and the highway, those were only two quick moments out of the entire hour. Those were circumstantial. Everything else was by my own choice. It was my decision to focus on what might happen, or what might go wrong, or what might show up in the photos.

The photographer focused on what was good and right. That's what I'll see when I look at our family pics this year.