Friday, February 13, 2009


I was supposed to have the kiddos up 5 minutes ago. I'll make this quick. I have been reading the Psalms this morning. I chose Psalms because it' what our Pastor is chatting about on Sunday mornings. I posted something on Facebook about a Psalm, then I read further and posted somethign else. A friend noticed that my Profile became a blog. So here we are!
Psalms are a great place to find incredibly direct communication with God, praises or lament. I love the laments that end by giving God glory. Psalms that say just what I am thinking and feeling in a particular moment and direct my to God's goodness, His purpose, His faithfulness.
Psalm 13 and Psalm 24 were my focus this morning. Psalm 13 is a reminder to trust God even when He doesn't answer us immediately (in my time) and Psalm 24 is a reminder that everything belongs to God (even when my grasp is white knuckle).

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Anonymous said...

Forget Psalms... you ACTUALLY have to get your kids out of bed???????
WOW, I'm gonna double time reading Psalms and see if it works for me.