Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Major Life Change

My oldest has gone to live with her father.


There are so many good reasons (for a 13 yo girl) for her to be there. There are so many good reasons for her father to have a hand at raising her.

There are so many more good reasons for her to have stayed here.

I am glad that I was able to raise her to the point where she makes her own decisions with a base of everything that she learned in my home. I pray daily, and more fervently than ever before, that she will continue to live according to the virtues and values that she learned with me.

I love and miss my baby girl. I don't have any great lessons learned from this experience except this: If this is how much it hurts when my children leave my home, even for good reasons, that I have much heartache in my future...


Anonymous said...

My sweet baby girl, have much JOY ahead of you in all that this brings. You must believe that and just give it to the Lord, for He knows the rest of the story...Choose Joy.
I love you

hey there! said...

i'm praying you through this change.. always.

Mandy H. said...

I can't say I "understand" ... but I can certainly tell you that my heart aches with you.
May God's hand be over her in this next season ... and that you can rest in the confidence that Goodness and Mercy will follow (Ps. 23).
Praying for you and the rest of the family ...