Thursday, February 17, 2011

The Plant

My daughter needed two potted plants for a science experiment.
I bought them, then left them in the back of the van for a week.
They stayed in place, and the soil was still moist when I finally removed them from the van.
As I brought them into the house, I noticed that they looked very different from one another.
One was healthy...
and the other wasn't...

Both plants were the same, grown at the same nursery, both were shipped in the same truck, both sat for sale at the same store, were bought by the same person, were checked out at the same check stand. Both plants endured the same harrowing ride in the back of the van over the next week. I hadn't forgotten about them. I know they were safely nestled in their places and wouldn't fall over. I knew they had plenty of water, and I had a plan for both of them.
But they reacted differently. One plant stayed healthy and whole, beautiful to look at.
The other one...didn't. It is in a sad state. The leaves are wilted, and it seems to have no desire to return to it's healthy state.
Both plants are now in a sunny window, both are being cared for and looked after. I still have a purpose for both plants. I can still use them. Even the sad, sick one.
I hope the healthy one continues to flourish.
I hope the sad, sick one becomes healthy and whole.


kelly said...

strange how the same environment produces different results. i think in God's creativity he makes that happen.. we are not robots thank goodness!

April said...

I think that gives us a real statement on how we respond do diversity so differently. The exact same settings and yet one chose to become despondent and the other chose the joy of life. Very profound.