Saturday, January 5, 2013

Guiding our Young Adults to Find a Job

Kids, don't settle for just any job. Do what drives you. Find your passion and pursue it.

I've read a few impassioned blog posts of late, and watched a couple of videos on youtube that eloquently stir our children to dream of how they might best live their lives and touch the lives of others.

Currently, I am guiding a 16 yo in her last year and a half of childhood, helping her to prepare for whatever adventures the future may hold. The six children behind her will be glad that there was a guinea pig gone ahead of them!

It is absolutely true that I want my children to live a life that is fulfilling and happy. That they are pleased with their pursuits. I desire for them to discover their talents and hone them. How wonderful it would be for a parent to see each child succeed in becoming masters at whatever they choose to set their hands to.

There is, too, absolute truth in the fact that we must do unpleasant things. While charging our children with the arguably daunting task of achieving master status, success and happiness in their lives work, it is important that we include the whole of the message. That we cast the light over the entire pathway, that they may see there are places where the shoulder is soft, or not there at all. That there are places not clearly marked where one must turn around, that there are sharp turns and high earthen walls that hide from us what lies ahead.

It is with urgency that I plead with parents to remind children that there are times when we will not be doing with our lives what we dreamed in our youth, but we will, instead, be fervently asking God to give us passion for the work that we have been given to do.

I beg you parents, don't forget this. Someone must raise the children. Someone must scrub the public toilets. Someone must clean barnacles from the boats. Always, someone must do these jobs that are difficult. That don't require an Ivy League education. The irksome tasks that offer a paycheck, but no artistic venue. People must continue to fill these positions.

Truly, because my human Mommy heart wants only the best for my babies, I would hope that it isn't one of my beloved steaming gum from the busy city sidewalks.  Who's call is it, anyway?

If you've been around TheZoo any time at all, you'll know that we believe wholeheartedly that God is the author of the universe. That when we choose to put ourselves at his mercy and follow his guidance, we will have what we need. When our children pursue their dream as it is coincides with God's direction, their pursuit will be blessed.

Be careful, parents, here, too. 'Blessing' doesn't ensure financial security and happiness. It doesn't guarantee there will be enough food every day, or a closet full of snappy clothes.

Let us be clear with our children that pursuing their dream isn't always the same as pursuing a passion that has been grown in their relationship with Jesus Christ. 

Let us be clear that peace is a gift from God, and happiness is an emotion and a choice.
Let us be especially clear that  our first priority in preparing for the future, is preparing for the Kingdom.

Let us guide our children to pursue their passions as led by the Holy Spirit, to glorify God.

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