Saturday, February 9, 2013

Happy Chinese New Year!

I cleaned my shower today.
Yes. This is not only note worthy, but blog worthy as well.
My shower gets cleaned on the quarter year. I know. I KNOW!
My shower surround is textured. It has little, bitty, teeny, tiny, pinpoint dimples over the ENTIRE surface.
I'm not kidding.
Cleaning this shower isn't as simple as using a squeegie, or even a rag. One absolutely must use a powdered scouring cleanser and a brush. Every single time.
Then there's the floor. There are little raised circles all over the floor. They are very close together. It provides a nice non-slip surface. It also provides a perfect 1/8" high circular wall every 1/16" of an inch for mildew to climb. And it does. Fast. The floor gets cleaned more often then the surround, just in case you were judging me. Again.
I know a man chose these materials. He also used the same thing on the countertops in the kitchen and around the bathroom sinks.
It was obviously a man, because a woman would have known upon seeing such evil surfacing materials, that they would be difficult to keep clean.  A woman wouldn't have chosen such monstrosities. In fact, I am certain that not only did a man choose these materials for my house, it was also a man that designed them.
Men, I know you have a lot to think about. Right? I know you do. Mr. TheZoo is a thinker, so I'm guessing it applies across the board.
Think about these details, please.  I have ungodly thoughts about the man that put our shower surround in. I do. In my mind, I use words that I don't use out loud in a silent, one-way conversation with this man.
*Sigh* So now it's clean.
I do realize that this is February. It isn't a quarter through the year yet.
A friend told me that tomorrow is Chinese New Year. She is opening doors and windows and sweeping tomorrow to get rid of last year's bad luck.
I'm hoping that since I opened the door and window in the bathroom and scrubbed until the bone and muscle in my arms were reduced to jelly, that I rinsed all of last year's bad luck down the drain.
I'm hoping Mr.TheZoo will see this post today and bring me a box of Whoppers and a movie.
He'll have to feed me the whoppers, though, since I no longer have the use of my arms.


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