Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Catalog Season

     'Tis The Season to mix up all of the end of year holidays and celebrations in catalogs of every kind in the mailbox. The truth is, I LOVE the catalogs. And, I hate them, too. I love to see the new, sparkly, shiny, clever, and ridiculous. I hate that if I had unlimited funds, I would actually purchase many of anything considered ridiculous. I like fun, and I adore funny. That surge of serotonin when I crack a smile, and that muscle relaxing relief when I get to belly laugh.
     I have already received holiday book gift suggestions, holiday shower curtain sales, and cordless, pre-lit sheer curtain panels. I am certain that we need those pre-lit curtain panels. Many of them. In all the rooms.
     My favorite catalog arrival so far is this one:

     Do you see that title? PajamaJeans. Pajama Jeans! This must me the 20-teens 'Thing'. I knew they existed, I just wasn't aware there could possibly be an entire catalog devoted to them. How many pages could such cataloge contain, anyway? That would be 27, by the way. 27 pages of pajama jeans. I busted up laughing when I saw this catalog. I was laughing so hard that many of the zooligans came to see what could possibly be so hysterical. 
     Then, I started looking through the catalog, because, hey, catalog full of ridiculousness. That's when I found this: 

     Multi-colored Pajama Jeans! I could have red, ocean blue, jade, even  a line of fall colors. I could choose indigo, black or vintage wash. I could choose brocade print! But wait! It isn't just the Pajama Jeans pants! There's more!

     The Pajama Jeans Jacket! Now, a denim look jacket that is cozy and warm and totally goes with those blue brocade print pants, that I can wear with heels and completely fool all of the public! I must have these!  Oh, and there's something fantastic tucked away in the middle of this lovely catalog of amazingness.

    That's right! MEN'S Pajama Jeans! Something for everyone. You can't tell in the pic, but those socks are cheese burgers and beers. For real. Pajama jeans and Cheeseburger Socks. The men on your gift list never had such an amazing Christmas! It's the stuff of dreams!
     It isn't just me here at TheZoo that is suddenly excited about these Pajama Jeans. At least three of the zooligans wrestled this catalog out of my hands and began to exclaim how amazed they are that there are now boot cut AND skinny fit to choose from, and that perhaps this fashion no-no has suddenly become  'Say Yes to the PajamaJeans!' 
     This might well be the 'Something to Wear' portion of our holiday and birthday gifting guideline here at TheZoo. If you've not heard it before, it goes like this 'Something you want, something you need, something to wear, and something to read." I wasn't clever enough to come up with this sweet little piece of poetic wisdom. I saw it on Pintrest. While I was looking up pictures of sparkly, ridiculous things. 
   Happy Holiday Catalog Season!

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