Saturday, May 20, 2017

Being Bold

I thought boldness was a hallmark of brash, brazen personalities. It is for people that are loud, forward, unintimidated. 
Turns out, boldness is for everyone. Boldness doesn't always mean sticking it to someone, or getting in people's faces. It usually means courage, strength, assuredness.
Am I bold enough to believe that I am purchasing the groceries that my family can use? That I am creating meals that will nourish and fill my children's bellies? Am I bold enought to know that I am putting the right amount of fuel in my gas tank? Am I boldly deciding that the laundry should be washed, dried and put away? Did I boldly choose what book to read, or what blogs to look at? Did I make a major decision about who to smile at and speak to this week?  
Do we agonize over these choices? Besides during times when finances are so tight that we must watch each penny. Even then, are we asking God, in every instance, that he might show us the right path? Are we prostrate before our Lord begging him to confirm that the gala apples are the right choice? No? Why not? Why would any one of us think that our small, every day, mundane choices would be less important than accepting a new job title, or moving to another city? 
Every choice that we make, each little, mundane thing, will pave the way for the how we make the big choices. 
Do we trust that we are walking in the will of God when we feed our families? When we care for our lawns? When we chat with neighbors? When we commute to and from work? Are we certain that we are living God's will when we build relationships, dress for the day, have a coffee?
Why, then, would we act like we are about to jump off a cliff when we make any other decision? If we are confident in our mundane about living in the will of God, then making that 'big' decision won't be agonizing. Exciting, big, unknown, probably, but not angst ridden. 
If we are living in the will of God every day, then it doesn't matter if we take the promotion or not. It doesn't matter if we move to another city, or not. It doesn't matter if we buy the car or not. We will still be walking in the will of God. 
What is the will of God? 1 Thessalonians 5:19 says it is giving thanks in everything.  1 Peter 2:15 says it is doing good.  There are several verses that talk about just doing the will of God Romans 12:2, Ephesians 5:17, 1 John 2: 16-17, John 7:17, Romans 8:28.
It looks like the will of God is no mystery.
If we abide (fancy for 'stay') in Him, we'll know it. Do you need to sweat blood in fervent prayer over whether to take the job? Then sweat blood in fervent prayer over whether to eat that donut, or buy those shoes. Such agonizing is for life and death! Would that we all took the eternity of the people around us so seriously as we do the purchase of a new home! 
What earthly thing matters so much that a misstep on my part is going to thwart the will of GOD?
As much as I want to know that I am walking in his will, I want to know it in every moment, not only the ones I deem big enough to require his intervention. 
Every moment. 
I want this badly. Not badly enough to sweat blood. I don't even like sweating sweat. It's gross, and hard. 
Am I good at this walking constantly in God's will thing?  I wish I could say 'absolutley'! But I mess up so much. I ate that donut. And the second one, too. I didn't even stop to consider whether that was the will of God. I'm so glad God is bigger than the donut. I won't agonize over it. I will think about it next time, though. Maybe.
I desire to be confident, not in myself and my own decision making prowess (ha!), but in the truth of the holy, unchanging Creator of the Universe.  I want to know that I am calling on God every day, so that when the things that my mind deems as BIG, are not obstacles, but just another part of life that I can enter into continuing in God's will.
I want to be bold in the every day because God is going to give me every chance to stay in him. His will is going to be done, and I have the opportunity to be part of it!

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