Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Messy Pentameter

I wrote a short poem the other day. A rhyme-y one. It was quite rhyme-y.

Do you remember Ideals magazine? My grandmother used to have them. I loved them.
Anyway, this little ditty could have appeard there.

It was rather amateurish. The pantameter was unidentifiable, unless you read it in a completely sing songy voice. It was, however, heartfelt and hey, lots of my facebook friends liked it!

Here it is for you to enjoy.

How I wish that christmas cheer
would stay with us throughout the year
Not the lights and presents and trees
but the hope and goodwill that is given with ease
That our mouths would form, without a thought,
a joyous greeting more oft than not
What a place this world would be
if we chose to give more happily

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