Saturday, December 17, 2016

Will I be Accused?

     Over the years, whenever I  become aware of some truth, I wonder why I wasn't aware of it before. I mean, I've been going to church for my entire life! My parents, my friends' parents, the people we spent time with, they were all church people. The read their bibles. They prayed. They Preached! I went to Sunday School, Wednesday evening services, Youth Group, two Sunday services, and attended every other event that took place at the church. How could any of these truths be new? Worse, how could my understanding of those truths be different than what I had learned growing up?
     I noticed a major trend among Christian authors, bloggers, and speakers. They would introduce some truth that they had begun to understand deeply, and mention how the previous generations had failed them by not ensuring that particular truth had been understood. Obviously no one else had understood it correctly, and the church had failed it's future generations. So, I began to have the same attitude.  I would be sad that I had wasted some years with a misrepresented God. I began to search for truth myself, because obviously everything I learned had been skewed in some incorrect fashion.
     I have learned things that I wasn't formerly aware of. I believe I have matured in my faith. I believe that I am now a stronger, more confident person because of what I currently understand about my relationship with Jesus. I also know that I will always have more to learn and understand. That there is infinitely more spiritual wisdom than I could ever attain in a lifetime on this world.
     I have also learned that my former lack of understanding, wisdom, or knowledge, was simply lack of maturity. Oh, I may have been a mature person. Street smart, well aware of the things that I did know, but somewhat unaware of the things I didn't know. Not cocky, exactly. Of course I knew that as a young person, there was still plenty to be explored, and that I wouldn't ever get to every corner of every idea. That's a given, I hope. What I am sure of now, I realized because of teaching. Parenting, sure, but come on, teaching is a large part of parenting, a part that not all parents choose to embrace. That's another post.
     Teaching my kids over the years has taught me that some of them learn some ideas more easily than others do. For a few, their interests may ease or might complicate learning certain subjects. They learn basic ideas, first. As they mature, they learn more abstract ideas. Their heads are so full of learning, sometimes, that some ideas don't seem to make it into their heads at all. I have been an eye witness to a child asking me, "why didn't you ever teach me that? It seems to basic, and it would have helped me to learn this!", when I did, in fact, teach them that. Else, I tried to. For whatever reason, that particular child wasn't ready to learn that particular thing at that time. No problem, it was retaught, the child progressed, and learned the new concept.
     I've chosen to continue my education in God's word, learning all I can about His character and how to live this life He's given me here so that when I transition to eternity, I will be confident in it.
     If you've believed that your church let you down in their teachings, I won't argue that maybe they have. There are some kooky churches and nutty preachers out there. Search for yourself, and ask someone that you might trust to help you. Watch for people who live their life selflessly, mostly. Maybe they don't walk around preaching, but you know they aren't in it for themselves. You'll know.  If you message me, I'll pray with you to find the right people. I want you to grow in wisdom and grace, too.
     Pray with me, too, that I will communicate with my kiddos, and whomever else seeks my advice, that they won't one day want to blame my church, or my generation for letting them down with unwise or immature teaching.  Thanks.

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