Friday, June 9, 2017

Take Me Tonight to the River...

A friend has a birthday coming up, so a few of us are going to take a walk out to the river and bring a picnic.

There are some beautiful places to set up out there, varied in vegetation and view.

Mr. TheZoo suggested we go out together in the late evening light and scope out a couple of spots for our mini-celebration. The conversation went something like this:

Mr. TZ: Do you want to go check out spots at the river?
Me: Nnnnnoooo...
Mr. TZ: What? Why not?
Me: Uh, will we get stuck?
Mr. TZ: Of Course not!
Me: Ummm, well...oooookaaaay.

We head out. We get to the river access gate and drive through, then the water filled ruts and holes come into view.
Mr. TZ: Oh! I forgot that it rained!
Me: Uggggghhhhh.

Now everything is a wet, muddy, soft mess.

We make it out to the river. The sun is still setting, our view is spectacular, and we brought the pup, who was enjoying every moment of this piece of heaven.

You can hear the river rushing by, birds settling in for the evening, and occasionally a train whistle, but little else. It's a serene moment. One I'm loath to give up.

Then, the rain drops.

We scuttle back to the truck, and Mr. TheZoo begins to drive out. Wait. Not out. Just drive, and drive and drive and drive. This path is rather narrow. Oh, I think those ruts are deeper than the wheels are tall on here!

Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaannnnnndddd.....We're stuck!

We had a nice walk out of the river access area, and a short trek home. Two of the bigger boys were still awake at the house, they went to help Mr. TheZoo unstick the truck. The biggest boy got to drive the rescue vehicle for a tiny bit in the access area to maneuver it into a helpful angle for truck pulling.

The boys had a little adventure, too, and felt good that Dad needed their help with something.

I was helpful by chortling about it over text with a friend.

Also, Mr. TheZoo called himself an idiot for getting stuck again. I told him that I love him.

We're all idiots sometimes. Hopefully we're idiots with someone around who'll love us anyway.

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