Tuesday, June 20, 2017

The Holy Spirit and the Rock Trolls in Frozen

I know we've been done with 'Frozen' for a few years, but my Facebook memories showed me a video of the youngest zooligan singing 'Let it Go' with her pink plastic Dora guitar. Then I thought about the rock trolls, and the King.

I won't christianize the whole movie, although that is one of my favorite pass times. There's just this one part, and the one part, the one decision actually has a huge effect on the rest of the movie.

When Elsa hits Anna with her frost magic, and no one knows what to do, the King runs to the ancient book, where he knows he can find direction. He brings his family with him to seek wisdom and healing for his daughter. The wise rock troll healed Anna, and gave advice to the King in how to proceed. He told him that fear would be the thing worst thing for Elsa and her magic.

The King nodded his understanding and returned to the castle. He was joyous about Anna's healing, but anxious about Elsa's gift. His advice and training of her grew his own fear and planted fear in Elsa's heart.

He had the best advice, from the most ancient, wisest source he knew of, and he chucked it, trusting in his own wisdom instead. His choice shaped the relationship between the sisters, and between the future queen and the citizens of their realm. Fear overshadowed everything.

We do the same thing, Jesus followers.  We look to our ancient book for direction, we hear the urging of the Holy Spirit. We turn and trust our own control, instead.

Our decision to trust our own thoughts instead of the most ancient, wisest one has us missing out on the magic in life.  Trusting that what we know better what it good for us, then The One who is outside of time, rarely results in eternal success.

In the end, there is a nasty prince trying to steal the kingdom, but that's another analogy.

Today, go to you ancient text, seek out the wise Spirit, and trust that the truth you learn is the one you need.

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