Friday, August 29, 2014

Organize For School!

     Oh, I'm sorry, did you think that title was going to be for a guide, or some kind of promise? Ha! It's more like a joke. It's something I've been saying to myself for the past month, now I have roughly two weeks until school begins, and...nope. Not all the things, anyway. I do know what classes each Zooligans will take, I have their backpacks and pencils put together. Dance shoes and instruments are accounted for and ready to go. Except for the violin mute. I have a feeling that will be my favorite school supply ever.
     I have a travel file tote. It was a fabulous tool for me last year to haul a binder, laptop, various workbooks that kiddos don't keep in their backpacks, but need during the day. It holds preschool supplies and extra paper, there is even room for whatever current crochet project I'm working on. Right now, it is still holding everything from the end of last school year, and some things that were added while people were tidying up over the summer. Ugh. The back of the van, where the file back, lunch tote, and all of the backpacks will need to go is overrun by bags of things that were supposed to be donated. I drive around to do errands and drop kiddos off and pick them up for various events, and forget that those bags are in there. I certainly remember when I grocery shop, and have to arrange the grocery over top of all the bags. Then when I unload the groceries at home and those bags are still there. Yuck.
     Lastly, I haven't even begun prepping freezer food for the school year. I usually have several breakfast casseroles and many dinners put up for the first few months, until Christmas break, when I can put up more until spring. This year, the only things I have put up are jam and bell peppers. I'm thinking that won't get us very far, and that there will be a bunch of hungry kiddos.  It's my goal to take sandwiches for lunch as few times as possible.  We will only have lunch at school twice a week, so that shouldn't be too difficult. I hope.
     There is this one surface in my house that that I keep looking at in disgust. It is cluttered with things that land there because they don't have an 'everything in it's place' home. Things that no one knows what to do with. Not even me! These are the kind of things that I m tempted to throw out. When I begin to sift through it, I find two books that need to go back to the school library (Yes, I AM embarrassed, and yes it WAS difficult to admit that!), things that visiting children have left here, things that are broken but can be fixed but haven't been, and various unfinished crochet projects. And that blasted file bag!
     I suppose I have all day to deal with that one surface. The laundry is caught up. At least for a day. I know I shouldn't say that out loud. It's an invitation for some kind of laundry disaster.

Are you completely organized for the school year? Yes? Well, stop bragging!


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Sarah Torgerson said...

I had the same plan as you, and no, I wasn't ready either. School is now in progress, but I still need printer ink and
Paper. I was gone for a week, and before that I was in the middle of a deep organizing project in the boys' room. It was all waiting for me, with many school emails to wade through, and a new online program for one child.
It gets better. Our first day, our internet was down for half the day. Then we were all set to head to our first day of guitar class, early. I drive a quarter of the way there only to realize that I left sauce simmering on the stove.
The next day HAS to be better. No. I was so proud of all the batch cooking I did, and the kids were starting school, when the power company showed up to turn our power off. They wouldn't let me just pay it. After waiting for a while for someone to come back to turn it on, we decided to hit the library to complete school. So, yep. That was the start of my week!