Thursday, August 28, 2014

What is Ylang Ylang, and Why Would You Use It?

     Ylang Ylang essential oil has become a cupboard staple at TheZoo. I had heard of this exotic flower a couple of times in the past. It was in shampoo, or something. I don't know. I probably didn't even care. Now I do, because I have been researching natural remedies for high blood pressure. Sure, I know that changes in diet and exercise are highly effective. The problem we were running into was that Mr. TheZoo did change his diet and exercise practices, but his blood pressure was not only still high, but was fluctuating enough that his medications were being changed at ever 30 day visit to try to keep it under control. All of the changing of medication types and doses was causing other problems.
     Mr.TheZoo ended up with a nasty case of edema in his legs, due to the blood pressure issues. We found out that a blend of some essential oils massaged gently on his elevated legs, used in conjunction with a diuretic (water pill), eliminated the edema inside of a week. He has nice legs again!
     While researching for Edema, I was also researching for high blood pressure. There are a few ideas out there, but since I already had the Ylang Ylang on hand, we decided to try it out. The Ylang Ylang flower is called a blessing in disguise for many health problems.

     The plant originates in South East Asia, but is now grown in many tropical countries. The plant can be either a vine or a tree, and prefers volcanic and sandy soils. The flower has a gentle, delicate scent that has been highly prized in perfumes for centuries. There are many uses for the ylang ylang oil. It has a 'sedative' property, which really means that it is relaxing. It is good for some, ahhh, intimate issues. You can look that up on your own. I won't be getting into that on this blog. We like Ylang Ylang for lowering blood pressure.
     We mix about ten drops of the essential oil with some coconut oil, and Mr.TheZoo puts it on his feet at night, and in the morning. We just started last night, and I'm excited to come back and tell you all if there is a significant difference in his blood pressure in the next two weeks. We are hoping to eliminate his medications, or at least get down to only one.
     Another DoTerra representative posted this handy visual.
You can visit the website listed on the visual to order oils and get more information, or you can ask me! I signed up to buy my oils at a discounted price, not to build a business. Not because I don't believe in the oils, but because I have said "yes" to my maximum number of commitments.  I am happy to answer your questions, and I am happy to order oils for you. I won't turn down the opportunity to sign up new distributors, but likely I refer you to the amazing and highly knowledgeable distributor that set me up. Or, I can just order a bottle of Ylang Ylang for you. If you want it for the intimate reasons, don't tell me. Just let me think you want it for stress or high blood pressure, 'K?  


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