Monday, September 8, 2014

Deep Reflection

      Recently, I discovered that comparing myself to others, and trying to do something the way others say to do it, isn't always in the best interest of myself or my family.
     After a time of deep reflection on my methods, I've discovered that the way I've been doing something really does work best. I have tried other methods. They aren't wrong. I'm sure they work for the people that recommend them, but they don't work for me.
    I'm telling you, after so many years of doing laundry for nine people, my favorite method works best for us. One or two days of marathon washing, folding and putting away, then three or four days off.
     We're a fairly busy family. While we don't run at breakneck speed trying to have all of the people involved in all of the things, there are a few kiddos that have clubs and sports and youth group. We have days that are entirely full from 7 am until 9 pm. It happens. Guess what? No laundry gets done on those days. None. Not one load.
     So, you 'one load a day-ers', enjoy your constant laundry doing. I will join you a couple of days a week. Picking the dirty laundry off of the floor every day, though, is something I'll probably be doing for several years yet.

What's your favorite method of keeping up with the laundry? Is 'keeping up' a joke for you like it has been for me?


Inksgirl said...

Of course it's a joke! By the time you get it done,, everyone goes to bed and there's a whole new basket full or in your case, at least two!

Sarah Torgerson said...

My method? I wash tons of laundry and toss it back on the floor for people to dig through. Every once in a while I catch up. It's pretty for half a day, and the madness begins again.