Thursday, September 11, 2014

Those Days When Nothing Gets Done

     You have those days where you do a bunch of stuff, but at the end of the day, there is no measurable accomplishment? I have those days fairly often. There isn't a 'quantifiable deliverable' for all of the effort, time, and energy put into an 18 hour waking period.
     Maybe I started a few different projects, or put in a little time on projects that were started the day before. Maybe I fed kids and cleaned up after, but I was interrupted several times to help with conflict resolution or to bandage owies.  Perhaps I was involved in a few emergency clean ups in a bathroom or the laundry area.  Maybe I wrote a blog post and communicated with a few people via social networking. Possibly I made a few lists, and didn't get through even half of what I put down. At the end of that kind of day, have I failed? I'm not talking about the being laid back and binging on Netflix kind of day. That is either avoidance, or physical rest!
     What I'm getting at are those days when you set out to strike those items off of your list and tell your Franklin-Covey day planner that you completed your A goals and some of your B goals, and dutifully moved your left-over B and C goals to the next day, but it doesn't happen that way. Something else happens, and any accomplishment is clouded, if it even exists. Can we be okay with that?
     I'm leaving you with a link to another Blog, because the visual he used is pretty spectacular. Jon Acuff talks about this subject, too. 

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