Saturday, September 27, 2008

An Atypical Day

This out of the ordinary day would have been typical so many years ago, or, perhaps, in another culture.
Hubby did outside work and I did inside work. The sun was shining, the temps were in the high sixties, partially cloudy. The only hint of autumn, the turning leaves on the deciduous trees around the area.
D.H. took two boys to the PeeWee football game today (Whew!). I breakfasted with daughters and baby boy. We enjoyed one another's company for a while, then on to laundry, dishes, general clean up.
I decided to rearrange the counter tops a bit, do some deep cleaning in the kitchen, and - hang on to your hats - bake a pie! Really!
In between helping Daddy with out door work, kids did some school work. We are a home schooling family, and fit the work into our schedules all over the place. The kids actually requested to do their classes today - probably because they are online.
We noticed today that the 3 year old boy is the helper with the most. He has stamina and sticks to the task, whatever it is. In fact, for the past two hours, he has been the only kid out there helping!
Dad has barbequed some pork chops and I have prepared vegetables inside (Hee,hee). We are getting ready to sit all around the table for dinner together. AAAhhhh....

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