Thursday, September 18, 2008

The First Post

Is the first post like the first pancake?
Today was incredibly exciting. We trekked to the thrift store, bought shoes and pants for a couple of the children and watched the venus fly trap eat a few flies.
The venus fly trap part is the most exciting to me. We live in an area that is actually known, for 30 miles in each direction, for it's summer time fly infestation. It is now mid-September. The flies should be gone. It is still warm here. Lovin' the extra sunny, warm days. Not so much with the extended play program for the flies! I detest swatting them on the walls and ceilings where they leave nasty 'splat' marks.
My husband bought this great gadget that looks like a tennis racket, but is electrified, so it actually fries the little critters. Great, right? uh, nuh. They smoke and give off a foul odor. It's almost worse than the splat marks. my darling ducks in a row (you believe that, yes?) and I were shopping for bare essentials at Fred Meyer (I bet yoy believe that, too!) my 12 year old spotted the pitcher plant, and next to it, the venus fly trap. Home they came, and oh the fun that ensued! Our fly population is down by half in a mere 24 hrs! Hurrah! Victory is mine!

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