Sunday, September 21, 2008

The Big Date

Yes! D.H. and I went out to the fair for a concert without children last night! We double dated with another couple. All the children were at their house, and we hired two sitters for the evening. There was pizza for the kiddos, we ate some before we left. We ended up running a little behind schedule as my hubby was kept late at work. The men sat up front and the ladies took over the back. Mr. Other couple was driving. His style was adopted to get us there in a timely fashion. I am afraid I ruined his plans.
Being pregnant, pizza freshly in tummy, and sitting in the back seat are not a good mix. Dear, darling, wonderful friend, Mr. Other couple pulled off to the side of the freeway for me. I got to lean over a barrier wall and lose it in the blackberry bushes below.
Upchucking on the side of the freeway is not something I have ever imagined myself doing. Now I have done it. I hope I don't need to do it again. And it may be a while before I enjoy another slice of pizza. Ew.

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