Monday, May 4, 2009

About the Question.

***I am not questioning the validity of studying the bible***
We are accountable for what we know. If we have the freedom and ability to study the bible in depth, and the Holy Spirit reveals himself to us through these studies, then we are responsible to live what we learn, and to share it. No excuses.
What I want to know is, if bible study is so incredibly important to our growth as Christians, then what about people that don't have bibles and/or access to study materials and leadership? Are their christian walks somehow lesser than mine? Could it be that they are held less accountable for leading others astray? How can their convictions be so much stronger than mine (than anyone who claims to be a christian and has access to bibles and study materials)?
AND - for those of you that know me, please do not interpret this next question as confusion or lack of faith in the studies that I am currently involved in. It isn't that. I'll explain
The next question is - do we have a tendancy within the church to jump from program to program, study to study, learning what we already know, instead of living what we already know. How many of us are too busy with church and other activities to serve? How many of us need to learn more before we can 'go and do' with unbelievers? Are we replacing the action of loving our neighbors (nonchristians in our community) with a myriad bible studies?
personal explanation - I am involved in a small group, a bible study, volunteer my time at the church building, teach sunday school, listen to the sermon, sacrifice time with my husband for his bible study, and his second bible study. We have lunch and fellowship time with other church members, our children play with church children, we home school and spend time with other members of the local church. This is all in a typical week. We also spend time serving other members of the church. All of these things are good, important, and needed. Do I need to be doing all of these things? How are any of these things impacting the nonbelievers in my community? Am I the only one struggling with the need to have relationships with people in the community that do not love Jesus Christ because I am so busy with the things that I believe God has called me to do? Is it possible that I have missed the mark?
I think so. I don't plan on 'dropping out'. I just plan on making a few changes. Some that will allow me to grow the most important ministry that I could have a part in right now - parenting and nurturing my children, and being a respectful wife. Some others will put me in the paths of nonbelievers. I have a purpose to notice these situations and use each moment to build relationships and glorify God with an attitude of loving each one of His specially created people in the hope that they will make a choice for eternal life with Jesus Christ.
****I have come to these conclusions through bible study and prayer****

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Anonymous said...

I'm not sure where you're getting the idea of equating study of the bible with someone being better than someone else. That's not the purpose nor the outcome. So, no, your bible study does not make you a better Christian. Remember how frustrated Jesus got with his disciples when they started arguing about that line of reasoning?

I think the better question is: Can you come to know God as completely without access to the Bible as those who devote themselves to the dissection of God's word? And I think the answer to that is yes. Somewhere in the Bible (forgive me, I can't locate the passage right now) there is some reference to that very subject...and God says that even if they never come across his word, they still could not ignore all of himself that he has revealed in his creation (the earth and the fullness thereof).

So, yes, there are some of us who feel important and significant because of our study of God's Word, but our importance and significance really only comes from the Author of that Word.

I don't study to get an edge on anyone else. I study to find out how I'm supposed to exist in God's Kingdom inside of a fallen planet. I study to find out who God is and how He intends for me to behave. After all, He says that I am His friend if I do as He commands. Now that's an exclusive club of which I want to be a member.