Thursday, August 16, 2012

Best Laid Plans?

And so I have done it yet again. I have waited until the last moments to put together some major thing. Though I have enrolled the school aged children into the classes they will be taking at the Parent Partnership Program, I haven't written out the learning plan for their at home classes. Except for one.
Mr. TheZoo and I wrote out the learning plan for the entire year for a class HE will be teaching! We are calling it "Automotive Basics". Three of the children will participate in this class which will include everything from keeping your vehicle clean, to performing a tune up.
We live in a state that doesn't offer Driver's Education in school. What is up with that? Home School Driver's Ed courses are also unacceptable. The only way to have a 16 or 17 yo licensed driver is to pay for driving school, and present a certificate of satisfactory completion at the DMV.
We're just getting a jump start on the vehicle training. It seems that our teens won't be driving on their own until they are 18.
Did you hear that? It was our wallet and insurance company breathing a collective sigh of relief!

Now, I still need to write up the literature, American History, and one more elective course for the 11th grade year. I need to write up specifically what we will cover each month for the entire year, and how progress will be evaluated. I may not offer up a general overview, I must provide minute detail, and I may not deviate from it without exhaustive explanation.
Fortunately, American History is what it is and doesn't change. Oh, wait. Did you just LOL right along with me? We won't be using any current public school text books. Rather, we'll be researching speeches and writings by the founders of the USA.

As for literature, I'm still deciding which books to read. There are so many fantastic pieces that I'd love to have my children read. I'm caught between wanting my 11th grader to read so many books, or having her read fewer books and evaluate each one.
Ultimately, I am hoping for a book club type of experience between the two of us, with a written report on each book exploring specific topics.

Last, that Culminating Project. I have researched this all summer. Fortunately for me, a check list lady, our PPP put together requirements in a color coded checklist! Hooray! Now I can make my own checklists and outlines and make sure that I am guiding the 11th grader with actual direction!

This year, there are FOUR school age kiddos around here. That's more than half!
Here's to sniffing pink pearl erasers and losing 273 pencils!


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