Friday, August 17, 2012

When People Don't Like Your Kid Pt.2

It has become terribly important to me that I share a part two on the subject of my kid being unlikeable.
I told you about the heartache of most people not liking my kid. I shared about how painful it is for my boy as he begins to realize that parents don't want his influence on their children.
I need to also share with you that we do have the support of a few people that love my boy.
They work together with Mr. TheZoo and I to nurture this boy into a man. The kind that will be responsible for his own actions. The kind that will grow up with character that reflects kindness, goodness, faithfulness, self-control. The kind that pray for my boy. The kind that take a moment out to speak to him, letting him know that his thoughts, opinions, and words - his very voice-matter.
These people 'get' my family and my son. 
Let's be honest, here. It just isn't feasible, or even reasonable to explain the facets and dynamics of my son to everyone we meet. It would be perfectly ridiculous to expect everyone to take the kind of time it takes to get to know and care about my son on a personal level.
So, I don't. Further, I make it a point not to judge people that don't understand my son. I know, big of me, right?
I don't take it as a personal affront if people don't want their children playing my boy. I don't get offended if you would rather not hang around with me because you don't understand my son. If you don't know us very well and you assume that he is just undisciplined, I don't despise you.
I should say, though, that if I feel my boy is being attacked because of lack of understanding, I will very likely rise to the occasion and defend him. I'd like to say I would respond with a gentle, loving attitude. I'd like to believe that. 
We are blessed to belong to a church family. A body of Christ. In our local gathering, there are people that genuinely love God, and love others.
These are the people that love my son, too.
I hope you find yours. They are there.


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