Friday, August 31, 2012

Sleep Over!

The Zoo had a family sleep over last night. A friend's husband is away this week, so I took five of our kiddos over to visit, and we stayed aaaaaallllll night.
Eight children had a movie night. They all slept in the same bedroom. They all ate dinner together.
And now. Now they are watching cartoons together.
We sweetened the deal by giving them donuts for breakfast. Smart moms, huh? Eight stinkin' little monsters woke up today hollering about their donuts.
Well, that's what we planned for breakfast for them. Don't get all judgmental. We had bananas, too.
We used the donuts as bribery the night before to get the children to stay in bed and be quiet.
Three of them seem to be ethically upright and refused the bribe.
They were subject to a kind, gentle and loving discipline, and missed out on the donut in the morning.
Now they are whining for a donut.
good grief.
If we do this again, they are getting gruel for breakfast.
no, really.


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