Tuesday, September 18, 2012

First Day

Today is the official first day of school here at TheZoo.
I've mentioned before that we employ an alternative learning experience.
We get to start a little later, but we usually go a bit longer, too.
Generally, most families begin their schooling earlier in the month with whatever instruction they do at home. We didn't this year. I opted to wait until the first day of classes. Everyone was happy about that except the kindergartner.
I've already found a glitch in my plan for the week, even though the kids are still in bed, and I sit here with my coffee and quiet time.
I did dishes from a late baking session already, and have packed up lunch for kids and myself.
The glitch is, I was so careful about making sure we have good breakfasts made ahead, and everyone is prepared with school supplies and shoes and outfits picked out, batteries in the camera, alarm clocks set, but no snacks.
Really, I have one banana, a bunch of frozen bell peppers (which I will eat, but my children will go hungry instead!), and some wilty ice burg lettuce leftovers.
I don't know how I overlooked that.
I even made certain that we would have an easy, kid fun lunch today. Hot Pockets. Not something I generally purchase, but it's easy for me and it's a treat for the kids. And the cookies that Kid #1 made last night.
I can see that tonight I'll be making muffins and banana bread and chopping carrots.
I'll definitely be visiting at 100 Days of Real Food for ideas and inspiration for lunches and snacks this year.
Seven kids and one mom at school all day long. Someone's going to be asking for a snack.
It's probably going to be me!
Kids are so quiet when they are chewing.


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