Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Values, Success, and Friendship

Just Do It. Bible study, I mean. With other people.
When people allow God to, He transforms lives.
We choose whether we want transformation. We choose whether to live a transformed life. We choose whether to endure further transformation.
Endure? Transformation is uncomfortable. It doesn't mean that suddenly your mind is clear and you understand everything, always making the right choices.
It means that we are intentional in our choices, beyond our own comfort. It means that there's a shift in value. Sometimes in what we value, sometimes in how we value.
When we have the support of others with similar goals, we are more anchored. We aren't floating around on our own grasping at whatever we thing might tow us in to the safe places, or the prosperous places. In fact, prosperity begins to look different. Success becomes redefined.
And we have people to share the changes with. People to cheer us on. People to call out our crap.
And people for whom we are willing to do the same.
Bible study. Anchoring friendships with truth. Do it.


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