Wednesday, September 26, 2012

To Grow or Not to Grow

Baby girl has finally grown a bit!
Well, obviously she has grown some over the two years of her life. She just does it rather slowly.
We have seven children. The first three are tall, fast growing kiddos. Our 16 yo girl has been taller than me for two years, and has recently grown another 1/2 inch. We have three slow growers, and one that seems to match up to the Dr.'s charts right on schedule.
One of the boys grows so slowly, that even his hair and toenails grow slow. No kidding. I gave all of the boys buzz cuts last summer, then we let them grown them out. Three of the boys needed another good haircut at holiday time, and again in the spring. The 7 yo, however, didn't get another haircut until just before school began THIS year. His hair was just beginning to hang in his eyes.
So, the two year old girl is, per our pediatrician, petite. She wore her 12 month size clothes until she was 18 months. The only reason we switched to the 18 months size was because it was summer, and those were the clothes we had stored for her. She finally fit into them in the the fall, and was wearing the 18 month size summer clothes again after she turned 2.
Now it's fall again. This child's 18 month sized clothing is showing some wear. A few of the shirts are just too short on her arms, the dresses still all work, but her sweater tights are worn through on the heels.
So, I pulled out the box of size 2t/24 mos clothes. She is successfully wearing  pair of jeans and a top from this box. Really, she should be wearing a pair of bulky sneakers, or a pair of boots with the jeans to keep from walking on the back hems.
Still, at 28 mos, we were already transitioning other kids out of 2's and into 3's.
Oh, and did you know that OshKosh has a size 1t?
They do. I found them for another daughter that needed them for a short time when she potty trained at 2 yrs, and didn't have the diaper bulk to fill up a size 2t pants.
We may be making another trip to OshKosh. I am so looking forward to their giant 75% off sale this fall!
Hoping your kids' closet transition goes smoothly this year. And if you have any boys' size 4 and 5 jeans in good condition, I have some boys' size 3 and some girls' size 18 mos to trade...


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