Saturday, September 1, 2012


It's September today!  I am terribly excited about that. I have no idea why.
Well, I sort of have an idea, but I have been contradicting myself all morning as to why I am most excited.
I am thrilled about Christmas decor. I know, it's a first world thing.
Christmas decor comes out right after the fall decor is put up. So, fall decor puts us that much closer to the day after Thanksgiving. See?
Fall brings the first days of a new school year. binders full of clean, crisp paper. Brand new, fresh smelling pencils, sharp crayons. Binders that haven't been doodles all over, and who's rings still clip together all the way. Hooded sweatshirts, and jackets. Layers and sweaters.
Fall is when we begin to see the haze of fog over the rancher's fields where the animals graze.
It is when the trees turn blazing riots of color, and the house smells like apple pie.
Fall is cozy.

BUT! I am excited because we still have a little over two weeks before school begins. The weather is still bright sunshine and warm days. There is still time to get things ready to flow smoothly (hey, it's *my* fantasy) for the start of another school year.
There is still time for one more backyard campfire with s'mores and songs.

Happy September!

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