Thursday, September 6, 2012

School Has Started?

The kids in our neighborhood are headed off to their third day of school. Their first day pics have all been posted on facebook. Their new shoes area already scuffed, and they've already done homework.
How has it been for the kids at TheZoo? Well, it's about 8 am...and their still in bed.
We don't start for two more weeks.
We use the county start date as our 'start getting ready' date. Of course, I've been getting ready for weeks now, but there are other things we do. We get the laundry caught up, we make freezer meals, we stock up on lunch and snack foods, we inventory socks and underwear and shoes, we put away the shorts and bring out the sweaters, we wash coats and shake out the heavy blankets.
And we try for 'one last hurrah'. Sometimes we have three or four 'one last hurrah's.
Usually we have a late family movie night, a game night, we have a fire in the back yard and make s'mores, and if we can, we do go out right smack in the middle of the day, and do something that will no longer be a crowded, noisy experience, like the park, or a museum.
We'll have a schedule to stick to soon enough.
Yes, I like to be organized. Things run more smoothly that way. But you know what? I get tired of a schedule. I need breaks, and I'm guessing the kids do, too. At least, they cheer and jump and get loud and smiley when we offer them a break. That means they like them, right?
So, we begin today to tie up all of those loose ends.  Hrm. I wonder who's going to get to pull that one nasy bowl out of the back of the fridge? Gosh! It looks like it's break time!


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