Friday, July 6, 2012

Back School Sales, Already?

When I was in school, and we were out for the summer, we would go shopping with Mom.
There was a time in July, just after the fourth, when I would be offended by the promotions at all of the stores with their 'Back to School!' sales and specials.
Really? Wasn't that rushing things a bit? There was still an entire month before we needed to get ready to go back to school!
I, for one, wouldn't be thrilled with the smell of a new Pink Pearl eraser for *weeks*!

Now I get it.
My children have been out of school for three weeks, and already I am in the throes of preparing for next year.
If you were to look at my online accounts for a couple of bookstores, you'd see that I have wish lists that go on for miles.
I go in to look at something particular, say, 2nd grade math. Then, my attention is drawn by some really cool science curriculum that we could use in a few years. My breath is catches at some really neat pre-school program created for home use that we really don't need, I probably wouldn't have time to use, but it looks SO fun!
I fall in love with different history and social studies curricula, and put them on the wish list. You know, to go through later.

Then, I find myself digging through the cupboard at home where we keep school supplies and extra workbooks. I am not sure how it is that I bought roughly 100 pencils at the beginning of the year and now we can find exactly 0.
There are about six crayons left, no markers, and a few broken colored pencils.
One of the children, I know for a fact, will take a pencil to a class, and return without one. Every time.

I am looking forward to the back to school sales so I can get those packs of supplies for 10 cents each, or buy one get one free, or the local Staples often has some of the basics for a penny each for a short time.

Early back to school sales mean to me now that I can be organized and ready before the week that school begins.

We've already heard a couple of ads on the radio, and I've heard a chorus of groans following.

I have to admit, my favorite part of back to school shopping is still for clothes.
I know, we don't need so many since we do school at home, but we still like to look nice when we go out, and I do require that everyone get dressed each morning. Okay, most mornings.


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