Thursday, July 5, 2012

Dealing With the Heat

We really don't.
Have you seen the weather maps on the news lately?
The entire country is red, with temps 90 and higher.
Except for the Puget Sound area.
That's where we live.
It's not a joke that we complain about the heat when it's 75 out.
It's funny, but it isn't a joke.
Today is when our summer seems to begin around here.
We are sliding easily back into the routine of which windows and  blinds get opened when. When the fans come on, and where to play in the yard.
Our house stays nice and cool until about 4 pm, then the temp rises to between 80 and 90 in about three minutes flat.
The shade under a tree is cooler than the house.
That's when we grab cheese and fruit and veggies and crackers and eat dinner outside.
This usually happens for about three weeks out of the year.
I'm on pins and needles, though, reading news articles about the heatwave across our country.
About massive storms and power outages and water shortages and people dyeing because it is so hot.
Wondering if it will happen here.
We've had temps over 100. A few times, for a few days in a row. That isn't pretty for people who strip down to their lightweight fleece for summer.
Sure we wear shorts, with hoodies! We don't know how to be hot and dry.
I guess the malls will see a lot of business when the temps go up as we attempt to find some air conditioned relief.
Okay, so I'm not complaining. Right now, I'm enjoying. The sun is out - a rarity here - the ground isn't slick and muddy, and the temp is comfortable.
Enjoying the present!


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