Wednesday, July 11, 2012


I really wish I had something insightful to say to day, but I don't.
I just spent the last hour and a half waiting for a scan to finish on the computer.
That time was spent hugging and kissing kids as they woke up one at a time, and getting them something to eat.
Truly, I'm glad the computer scan took so long.
I made a grocery list, decided what would be eaten at my house throughout the day, cleared off some counter space (again). I was able to visit with the 11 yo, and spend lots of time snuggling a certain 4 yo that is rather affectionate.
Now I feel compelled to be certain that blog posts are written either after children go to bed at night, or long before they get up in the morning.
Mornings like this one are the ones that I'll be missing when TheZoo is all grown up.
I won't miss diapers, or six kids vomiting all over their pillows, or washing three sinks full of dishes every. single. day.
But I will miss those quiet sweet moments when the children are still and receptive.
I hope they are as refreshed as I am this morning.


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