Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Still Summer?

Tomorrow is August, already. Yikes!
We've been enjoying summer, and plan to continue enjoying it for another several weeks.
School doesn't begin for us until nearly the end of September. For the kids.
*I* still have loads to do.
I still need to come up with classes at home with will satisfy the number of schooling hours required by the state for a few of the kids.  For two of them, it won't be so difficult. They'll be taking 'General Automotive Care' with Mr. TheZoo. That should cover it.
For the Teen, however, we have a few things to line up. She'll be taking the classes at the Parent Partnership Program that I don't have the courage and spaced to teach at home, such as Algebra 2 and Chemistry.  At home, we'll need to cover USA History and English. But, She needs two more credits, and more hours to be accounted for, so I'm hoping for a good local music program. I may have found one at One A-Chord Academy. I'm excited about this prospect because it's close to home, and the instructors are professional musicians. I've seen them perform, and I can confidently say that they are great artists and fine people.
We may also be looking into photography with a 4H club. I understand there is a club already at the Parent Partnership Program.
Or, perhaps, we'll cover Phys. Ed. at home.
The part I'm not looking forward to is writing out the goals and requirements for each at home class, for the entire year, month by month. I also have to decide how the children will be assessed on their progress. Our state seems to be a fan of tests. I don't really like them. How many times in life do we make decisions by sitting at a table and filling in bubbles as a way to recall what we have learned.
Generally we must think on our feet. Some folks like to make lists, or write an essay or journal entry, while others want a sounding board and someone to listen. Others will make snap decisions, and that is often needed.
Do any of you have a wonderful reading list for an 11th grade literature class? We'll read the books together, discuss them, sort of like a book group, and occasionally, we'll do some sort of project related to the books. My favorite kind of projects is watching a movie, or traveling a short distance to a museum or other cultural experience that has something to do with the book.
How about instructions on setting up a donation button for fuel funds? Anyone?
And so, it's back to the grindstone for ZooMama!


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