Tuesday, July 24, 2012

I Saw The Batman Movie

I'm not here to talk about the shooting in Colorado.
It's a terribly sad, frustrating, and horrifying circumstance and many lives are forever different because of it.

The movie, it's self? Not so sure that it's life changing.
There are so many parallels that a person could make, I guess.
I chose to watch the movie as a comic book adaptation.
But, I don't read comic books, so I'm not sure that was helpful.

Also, I didn't see the first two installments in this particular series.
I was so confused about Bruce Wayne/Batman.
I kept expecting him to break into choreography singing "Seize the Day".
The whole movie, I was convincing myself to see him as The Batman.
I couldn't. His smile was too sunny, his daring to...mischievous.

And then there was Cat Woman, or whatever her name is. I like Anne Hathaway. I really do.
But...she's the teen princess. In a kitty costume, trying to act sort of seductive. All I saw was awkwardness.

I was terribly disappointed that I couldn't get past the casting in this movie.
My girlfriend had obviously never seen 'Newsies' or 'Princess Diaries' and couldn't understand my trouble getting into the story.

I'm usually disappointed by a bad movie. This was a strange circumstance. The movie was good, the actors faces were distracting.
Maybe I'll watch it again on DVD. Maybe.


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