Wednesday, July 25, 2012

On Taking Advice

I get pretty excited about big family blogs. I search them out, I read past and current posts, I bookmark them, I suggest them to others.
Sometimes, I find great ones. The ones where the blogger has been a mom for more years than I have. She's had a larger family, she is a bible believing, Jesus preaching, love living woman with wisdom and wit. Those are my favorite.
I found one recently that I really like. You know, a WHOLE lot. She wrote a blog post about being careful where we (Moms, most specifically, but anyone, really) get our advice.
Then, on her facebook page, she posted about having a meeting with her mentor. This woman that she loves and whose advice she cherishes.
So, I found the facebook and webpages for this mentor.
She is a vivacious, outgoing, energetic woman! She declares her love for Jesus! She encourages people to stretch themselves.
Then, I saw a post in which she referenced a particular verse in the bible, with a statement exhorting people to embrace a message of financial prosperity, while also stating that being poor is a mindset, that it is outmoded, and that we should all do better financially because God wants us to.
So, I looked up the verse, and found that it really had nothing at all to do with her message.
Not even just a little bit.
I was disappointed, but hey, we're human, we make mistakes. Maybe it was just a mistake. But I looked at the comments - there were about 40, they ALL agreed with her! Some even looked up the verse, put it in their comment, and continued to agree with her.
Well, I looked at more of her posts, and creeped around her webpage.
I believe this woman believes that she loves Jesus, but to all appearances, she is really more of a fan. She seems to use God as a mode to promote her business, because hey, if she loves God *and* she's financially successful, then she must really be blessed, and we should all take her advice.

Now, I'm sad. I don't want to let this particular big family blog go, because she seems more relaxed than some of the others. More real, less patronizing. More of actually living life and interacting with her family than adhering to stringent rules. She seems less like a pharisee, and more like a lover of Christ.

I guess I should take her advice, and, ironically, stop taking her advice because of where she gets HER advice (was that as confusing to read as it was to write?) .

I don't want to be Pharisaical about it, either. So, here's my go to. My standby. My answer. I will pray about whatever advice I get from that blog. And you know what, it would be super duper if you would pray over anything you read here.

I'm not always giving advice, sometimes I'm just sharing a story, but, if you find yourself taking advice from me, please make sure it's biblically sound. And please call me on it if it isn't.



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