Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Setting Out to Impress You

This morning, I started writing a bright, witty and insightful post. I had ideas running through my mind, I had written some down and outlined a few thoughts. I was going to be a vessel for blessing you all with words this morning.

Then, my two younger boys got up.
They woke today with their fists flying and their attitudes at full tilt.
They fought over who gets to snuggle with mom first, or on which side of me they would sit. They ran down the hall with extremely loud voices when everyone else was still sleeping.
They played with the cereal and milk in their bowls.
They found colored pencils on the table and thought it would be a good idea to throw them at one another.

And so, this particular blog post ends, because I have two little boys that need a mommy today who loves them enough to teach them that there are consequences for unwise choices, and that I still cherish them anyway.

Perhaps I will dazzle you all with my profundity another day.

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