Monday, May 14, 2012

Art Inspired

I have a friend from college that creates things.
She takes canvases, and uses mixed media to make beautiful, truthful art.
Kelly Gau, at Kelly Gau Studio creates amazing, inspired works. She reads the bible, she prays, she meditates.
She waits on God to direct her creations.
As a result, when she posts finished pieces available for sale, people respond. They don't simply say "I like this and want to buy". They say that a particular piece reflects a truth that they need during this season in their life. They say that they are ministered to through Kelly's creations.  They say that they were moved with deep emotion, and that a particular image, or words on the canvas have prompted something to change withing themselves.

These are not small things to say about art pieces.
Go ahead and visit Kelly Gau Studio. Take a look around. Look at the pieces for sale, and look at the sold pieces.  Some of them will strike a chord in your heart.

I have one. I loved in when I first saw it, and I still love it today.  I'm certain that the piece I have was meant for me. I need to be reminded of the message in that piece every day, in a beautiful, gentle way, and the canvas I have does that. It is God's inspired word, put together with an image that reflects the message and the love in it, so that the message is lovely.

It is my hope that you find something there that grabs your heart, that ministers to your spirit, and that seems to have been made for you to find.


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