Monday, May 7, 2012

May/Decmber Romance

May is a lot like December here at The Zoo.

Some might argue that the weather is similar where we live - clouds, rain, wind - but it's more than that.

We romanticize the thing that we are looking forward to.  In December, it's Christmas. There is so much we want to accomplish before the 25th. We want to be sure that our children understand the significance of the reason that we choose to celebrate Christmas, but I am talking about the things we do leading up to the party.

We want to get the gifts bought, wrapped, and delivered.
We want to get the cookies baked, the fudge made, the eggnog chilled.
We want to get the photos taken, the cards printed and mailed.
We want to put up the tree, hang the decorations, light the lights.

We feel giddy with anticipation. We make even more plans. Lets go drive around and look at other people's lights! Let's make gingerbread houses! Let's make soups and goodies for the elderly and infirm in our neighborhood! Let's go caroling! (there are nine of us, it's a big group).

Suddenly, the month between Thanksgiving and Christmas can be overwhelming.  All of the things we wanted to do, because we see them through peppermint lenses, are burdens that distract us.

Well, here it is...May.  We aren't donning hand crocheted scarves and hats, but we are pulling the shorts out of storage, taking stock of flip flops, hoping our sunglasses made it through the winter intact.
Children are shouting about playing in the sprinkler, setting up the pool, going swimming at the river.  They are trying to leave the house in the morning in tank tops without a sweater.  School will be out soon, and the residents at The Zoo see no reason to continue their studies.

 The sun shines down on us about twice a week now. That's 200% more sun than we saw last month!
The boys want their hair buzz cut, the lawn screams to be mowed, the flower beds beg for attention. Spring isn't over yet, and we are acting like summer is just around the corner!

We are distracted from what is important, looking through leisure tinted lenses at what lies ahead. 

My best memories of summer vacations are of climbing a tree with a book, sitting there for hours -if I could get away with it.

My Zoo wants to go, go, go, go!  They have romanticized the coming warm months. They have forgotten about going to bed when daylight still shines, and neighbor children still shout outside. They don't remember that their chore lists don't dissolve when the thermometer reads over 65.  They do not care that fuel prices have risen dramatically.

I do not want them to despise the summer months for what they can not do, so I let them allow them to continue to romanticize through May.

June will be here soon enough.


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