Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Creeping At The Back Door

He was waiting for me outside the back door when I got up this morning.
I didn't know it.
I grabbed a cup of coffee, and turned on the computer, then stepped over to the window to observe the new blooms on my wisteria plant.
...and there he was.

I jumped. Spilled coffee on myself, stifled a scream, and finally, when the bright red registered as something that a would be assailant probably wouldn't be sneaking around in, I looked again.

Oh, Antique Santa! He has had an eventful few days here.  Hubby was cleaning out the shed and put him in the yard. 23 mo found him lying on the ground and shook him telling him to "wake up! wake up!"
From what I understand, one of the boys also had a wrestling match with him.
I don't know, but I think his eyes are telling me he'd rather be back in the shed...

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