Thursday, May 24, 2012

The Tiny House Intro

When a large family lives in a tiny house, there is clutter.
We live in the USA. That means we have 'stuff'.
Nine people's worth of 'stuff'.
Two parents in a room, four boys in a room, three girls in a room
Enough seating at the table for everyone to eat at the same time. Not really. We are short one chair.
That has worked as long as one was in a high chair. But we ran out of room for a high chair when we needed seating for six. So, we rarely sit all around the table at the same time.
We have just enough dishes for two meals. Unless we do to meals in a bowl and one on plates. We are constantly washing dishes.
I am grateful to have dishes. And chairs. And a table.
I am always doing laundry. We wash an average of 15 loads of laundry per week.
I am grateful to have clothes to wash.
I am grateful to have machines to wash and dry them in.
Wait. No washing machine. Hubby is trying to diagnose and correct the problem, but currently the washing machine is broken. Our machines break down often.
We have been the glad recipients of a few gently used machines over the past several years. Then we use them. The machines seem to rebel against the industrial use they get at our home and give out after a couple of years.
This machine lasted almost a year.
Now we are hunting for a new washing machine, and I have to admit, my eyes are wide!
There are machines in which I could fit bedding, pillows, and the kids's stuffies!
There are machines in which I could fit my king size comfortor!
There are machines that take such a large load, the I could, theoretically, do 5-7 loads a week and STILL get the same amount of laundry clean!
Just think of how many more blog posts I could write!
How many items I could crochet!
How much oftener my bathrooms could be cleaned! Well, okay, maybe not the bathrooms...


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Anonymous said...

I hope you get a BIG washer! You certainly deserve it!
Our machine broke several times. It's tiny, and doesn't do nearly enough laundry. I complain about my laundry, and I'm only doing it for 5 people!!
I will dream about you standing next to a beautiful washer. :-)