Thursday, May 17, 2012

Summer Time Dreamin'

Since Santa isn't creeping at the back door today, I was able to get outside and peek at the wisteria. It's beginning to bloom!
I'm excited to see them in full flower. Here they are today.

I'm thrilled each spring with the idea of gardening. In my mind, I garden like Martha Stewart.  In reality, I barely garden at all.
Every year, I start out. Some years I am all about pulling weeds and dead things, pruning back, rescuing the fence line from blackberry canes.
Other years, I plant things, and tend to them for a while. But. Usually, each year, I am largely pregnant or have a newborn.
Hubby's work schedule hasn't allowed him to be helpful at home (until recently) so tending my flowers were never high on his priority list. Fixing our vehicles, mowing the lawn, bringing the bacon, and sleeping occasionally seemed more important.
This year, it's different. This year, there is no newborn. There is no swell of pregnancy. Hubby's work schedule is less hectic.
The Rhodies and climbing hydrangea that are behind the shed will make their way to the front yard.
The ivy and black berry vines from next door that are creeping up our birch tree will be vanquished.
The grass will be cut out to make way for future flower and vegetable beds.
We will have curb appeal!


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