Tuesday, May 15, 2012

The Laundry Monster

Probably every mom blog out there has written a bout laundry. Several times. The laundry monster is ever present!
Our family does an average of 12 loads a week. That doesn't mean there isn't more to do, it just means that's what we get clean each week.
Sometimes, I think that since I hit the bottom of the 'dirty' baskets, I can take a breather for a few days.
That usually blows up in my face! That week will become one where we clean and put away roughly 20 loads of laundry.
Recently, our washing machine broke. Yeah.
The part that tells the machine to stop filling with water is what broke. The machine ran water all over the garage. Gallons and gallons of water.
This is less than convenient!
Fortunately a friend of ours with super sized washer and dryer is allowing us to do our laundry there. It means I get to visit while doing the laundry!
Meanwhile, TheZoo co-founder and I are scouting out deals on appliances. That's another post.
Now, I need to load up the dirty clothes into the back of the van...


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