Friday, May 25, 2012

Four to a Closet

Let's talk about closets. Real closets.
Not those ones in magazines and the California Closet ads.
In a 1,000 sf house, we have THOSE closets. The reach in kind that are about 8 feet wide.
How in the name of Zeus (why not? who else's name should I shout in frustration?) am I supposed to fit clothing for four boys in one of these things?
I do it, though.
I use every square inch of space.
I had a rockin' set up a little while back. It was easy to navigate, there was room for everything, and I could use the floor to store toy buckets.
And then. The boys grew. How dare they?
Their pants, especially, no longer fit in the designated space. They hung over the edge of the shelf and sometimes fell off. When this would happen, the older boys would 'clean' their room by picking up these entire loads of pants and dumping them in the hamper, then complaining that they had no clean pants. *sigh*
Well, remember that post about how clean and uncluttered my room is now?
That was when I gave up my tower of wire baskets to the boy's room.
My pants fit in those just right, so I figured theirs would, too.
It's like a miracle!
Except now, none of the boys can reach to put a shirt on a hanger, and only two can reach to pull on off.
It CAN be done, but you won't find the plans at any fancy organizational store.
I asked once, and got quite the reaction. People don't hardly fathom children sharing rooms at all anymore, let alone four of them.
They are getting bigger, and bigger, though. It won't be too many years before their shoulders are broad and their legs are all long. I don't know how we'll manage the hallway then.


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ReviewsSheROTE Pamela R said...

I know the feeling!! Our closets are about 3 1/2 feet across, yeah they might be 10 ft high so lots of space going up--but at 3 feet HOW much can the kiddos really get themselves!!!
new follower from vB!