Thursday, May 31, 2012

Keeping the Tiny House Clean

People seem to think that having a small space to clean is easier than cleaning a larger space. Like a house.
Less square footage, less mess and dirt, right?
It must depend on how many people live in the house.
It's fairly easy to clean up behind nobody. It's 'not me' and 'I don't know' that are hard to clean up after.
I do actually remember cleaning the floors once a week, doing dishes once a day, deep cleaning the bathroom once a month, doing laundry for a couple of hours one day a week.
Those memories are like a fairytale to me now.
Dishes three or four times a day, clean the floors everyday, and keep them swept up a couple of times at least. Laundry every day, deep cleaning the bathroom happens every week, and sometimes it seems it should happen every day.
Those things I used to care about and notice only get notices when people are coming over.
Dusty blinds and window sills, dust on the door frames and hinge pins. that line of dirt that I can never scrub up at the back slider door, the way things have been crammed into the bookshelf in the living room just to get them off the floor.
Well, we all live here everyday. And it shows.
Right now, we have a potty training chair in the living room. It gets cleaned out every time it is used, but still by the time the child goes to use it again, it has a thin layer of dirt and debris in the bowl.
You would think we are all lumber jacks pounding our dirt caked boots through the house several times a day.
Nope. We take our shoes off at the door, even.
I'd like to tell you that I keep up with it all, merry of heart, light of step, and a song on my lips.
The truth is, I tend to glare at the dust that I don't have time to deal with.
I grumble when it's time to vacuum down the cobwebs.
I detest putting away laundry for ALL those people.
I clean, not because I have a fondness for cleanliness (truth is, I can stand some clutter), but because I don't want people to take ill from a dirty house. I don't want insects in my house if I can have anything to do with it, and I really have a problem with tripping over and stepping on things!
I do enjoy walking into a tidy house, waking up to a shiny clutter free kitchen.
I have had to train myself to do certain things everyday.
I grew up doing chores. Lots of chores. I fancied myself to be something of a Cinderella. My parents both worked, it was essential that we kids helped keep the house up.
But then, I rebelled.
You know, a bathroom can get pretty nasty if it is used by six people and not even wiped down for a couple of weeks? Oh yes, it can.
I don't every want to see that again.
Do you know how quickly a large family can clutter up kitchen counters so that there is no longer space to prepare food? It takes an average of two days.
Do you know how much stuff can slide under a couch on a hard surface floor in the space of two weeks? I believe every book, dvd, hotwheels car, every second shoe, every lost sock, and a hairbrush are what we clean out of there each time.
So, I suppose my message is this.
Visit me, but be aware, the ceiling fan and the blinds will be dusty. The windows will have fingerprints, and the shoes will be scattered, BUT, the toilet will be clean, the kitchen will be clean, and the coffee pot (so important) is clean.
Remember how many people live here, and enjoy your visit.



janice said...

the third week in June is that good for you.

Sharron Hagen said...

Yes! It is! Jerry even has that week off from work, and we only have a couple of school things to do then! Marking my calendar!