Tuesday, May 8, 2012

I Admit It...

I like SyFy.

It really isn't much of a confession these days. It used to be (way back in the dark ages, when I was in High School) that an interest in Science Fiction was weird.
Maybe it is still weird. Maybe weird is just more acceptable now than it was.
We didn't do weird things when I was growing up.
We ate 'normal' food.
We wore 'normal' clothes.
We went to a 'normal' church.
By 'normal', I mean that the things that we did, places we went, people we associated with were acceptable according to the society we kept.
I am NOT saying that my family was normal. Not by any means.
My family is one of the greatest, funniest, best, most abnormal families I've ever met.

My children, I'm sure, will believe that they have grown up in the weirdest family ever. Mom watches SyFy, crochets, grows a jungle of plants in the kitchen window, and has green hair.
Dad is a grease monkey and makes every little excursion a big adventure.
We put all sorts of music on in the house. We listen to Disney hits, jazz, classical, ska, country, easy listening, oldies, metal, even electric dance mixes.
It isn't that any one of those types are MY favorite, so much as I want my kids to listen to musical art made in all sorts of genres.
They see art in museums, on train cars, on the buildings in town as commissioned murals, in what they make at our kitchen table.
They read books and magazines and newspapers (okay, mostly the comics)

TheZoo is not a normal house, but perhaps more normal by today's standards, then 20 years ago.


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Read Phoenix said...

Lol! I still have closet syfy friends! Normal is relative!