Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Wonky Wednesdays

Have I ever mentioned that Wednesdays are rough here at TheZoo?
They are!
And it's my fault. I will own it. I don't want to, though.
It's so rough, that even though I had an early start, I burned an entire dozen eggs and had to find something else for breakfast. It's a good thing we like muffins. Those are easy and quick.
When I set up our school schedule with the parent partnership program, we ended up with one kid having a 9 am class on two days opposite the other kids' class.
I decided that as long as we were leaving the house for one, two more could take a morning class. Wednesdays start early and end late.
There is lots of waiting around with the younger set. From 9 am until 2 pm.
Hurry up and get lunch, breakfast and snacks out the door for six kiddos.
Hurry up and find everyone's shoes. You know, the ones that were all set neatly by the door the night before. (*snork* yeah, right!)
Hurry up and brush everyone's teeth.
Hurry up and grab packpacks, diapers, sippy cups, coloring books, etc.
Hurry up and wait.
It's a bit too far to drive the four kids back home between 1st graders class and the end of the other kids' class, so...we wait.
Then, we get home and hurry up with chores.
Hurry up with making dinner.
Hurry up with baths
Hurry up with getting things ready for the next day.
Then, finally, thankfully, and blessedly...
Hurry up and go to sleep!
Happy Wednesday!
Here's to changing up the schedule for next school year!

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