Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Tiny House Counter Tops

The counter tops in the kitchen are in a constant state of reinvention.
The toaster gets moved, the heavy stand mixer gets moved, the banana tree hangs out in different spots, the toaster occasionally finds a new home.
But not the coffee maker. That has to stay where it is, so that bleary eyes don't accidentally punch buttons on the blender, instead.
The counter top is always cluttered.
I tried have clear, slightly decorated counters.
Then I realized that my printer and computer need to sit on one end.
I don't want to have to pull the mixer out of the cupboard every time I want to use it. I used to store it in the cupboard. I didn't do much mixing during that year.
The necessary clutter seems to work like a black hole, though. It attracts other clutter. It builds until finally, a person can't butter a slice of toast without fighting envelopes and school papers and coupon fliers.
Usually, I grab one of the empty Huggies diaper boxes, put all the clutter in it, and promise to go through the box tonight.
Tonight, of course, meaning some night later in the week.
In any event, the papers are moved, the crumbs are swept out from under the toaster, the extraneous markers and pencils are fished out from behind the printer, and all is well.
Until the mail is brought in again. 


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